All our competition is strong to Madden Coins


All our competition is strong. We're very Madden Coins respectful of what Sony and Nintendo do and where they've come from and what they bring. Nintendo, particularly with the Wii, has opened up a market opportunity there. We've leapfrogged that handheld technology with Kinect...


"Microsoft declined to put forward a spokesperson for an interview about Xbox in Japan for this report but did provide the following statement:"As we move into the holidays, there is a focus on the worldwide market (for example the Black Friday sales figures that were released) rather than performance by territory."The futureXbox One, Microsoft's new system, is set for release in the fourth quarter of this year.


Will Microsoft once again invest in Japan exclusives that fail to make a mark? Will it, once again, throw money at the Japan problem?"I would first lower expectations," John Greiner advises. "What's a reasonable number? How many units do you think you can sell? It's possible for them to be a challenger, but they're still an American company and still operating from an American mindset."The Japanese they have here are very good and


I appreciate what they're doing, but it's hard to dislocate the cultural aspects of Microsoft from even their Japanese divisions. So they're still very much Microsoft. It's going to be really hard for them."


"If I were them I wouldn't give up on Japan," Fries adds. "Sony's in a much weaker position than they used to be. So we'll see what that means for what they bring out in this next generation and how successful it'll be. Nintendo has moved into a very low-end hardware place. There's room for it to be the biggest, most powerful machine.


With the Japanese game market not as strong, maybe Japanese gamers are more open to western content."I guess my point of view is, I would just be what Xbox is. It's always done well when it's focused on what it does well instead of trying to be what it's not. If it's the best machine to play shooters on and shooters are the most popular category, then I would do that. I'd love to have Square supporting the machine and bringing Final Fantasy to it. I wouldn't be closed to Cheap Madden Coins that. I just wouldn't spend a hundred million dollars to make it happen.